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Writer of interactive fiction and whatever else fancies me at the moment. Currently working on getting my life together.


Vi — lazy hermit • scenario writer • creator

I am a pale imitation of what you believe me to be. A creature without dreams and hopes. I'd write something more but it can't get any worse than this. I'm also extremely pretentious.

Favourites: Anything with chocolate, gothic horror, romantic comedy.

Goals: To find a direction of my own.

Tools: Unity, Renpy, Photoshop CC, Illustrator.

Villain Engine

Website for interactive fiction, writing anti-romance, loving villains, and the consequences that come after. Currently working on Beautiful & Damned.

Personal Blog

A blog with writing content and other development note irrelevant to the main universe. Also, uses as an occasional journal when I actually sit down to write.


Compilation of my games available for download. Although, I haven't finished any yet so this page is as good as empty. Follow for the latest update when there's a release or something.