"Watch out for angels,

at least demons never lie to you"

Debuted on 02.02.20, Vanxin is a female-led game studio hoping to deliver immersive interactive fiction to women. We aspire to create a dark dreamscape where players' choices determine the fate of themselves and the characters around them.

With the dreams to sweep the readers up into a world not so unlike their own, where human depravity and flaws are examined and picked apart through storytelling. Whether the stories are happy in conventional ways or not, what matters are satisfying ends.

Email: studiovanxin@gmail.com

Interactive Fiction

Through various choices made in the course of the story, the players will determine the outcomes of the games.


The romance element is one of the indispensable aspects of the stories, with varying levels of importance.


Multilayered storylines tied with diversified characters in an effort to form entertaining adventures for the players.

Female Audiences

With the focus of player characters being female, the stories are targeted towards female audiences.


We are who we are. Even with our virtues, our vices stand out.


Beautiful & Damned

After a tragic assassination cut your life short, everyone believed you were gone for good. You would have too, had you not woken to see the light again years later, aged not a day past your own death.


Void Gaze: Wolf Hunt



Blackish Hearts I



And The Devils Cry


Additional Information

If there's any other question, send us an ask through our Tumblr or an email through our support email: studiovanxin@gmail.com

There's no grand story behind the formation of the studio. What came before were simply a few ideas tossed around then came to fruition once someone put their minds into it and dragged another along. The rest is history as far as we're concerned.

Because of the reoccurring appearance of sexual content, blood, gore, strong language and violence in our games, they are set for audiences age 17 and older. Any player younger than that should be advised against playing without any precautions to triggering contents.

While there are four games up on showcase, in truth, only the first one: Beautiful & Damned is in active production. Once we reached the completion, the development process will be moved to the one next to it, in the exact order. The game is prepared to come out whenever it's ready to come out.

At the moment, itch.io is the only available platform which the games are provided on. There is no future plan for the games to be on Steam as of the moment. The acquisitions of the games anywhere except the store page is unpermitted, if found please report to our contact.