“Who are you, lost creature? Trying to find salvation where there is none.”

Entering paradise ...

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VX is an independent game development circle with interests in female-oriented and anti-romance fiction, where every ending leaves the aftertaste of ash.

Immerse yourself in poorly written adventures by a sleep-deprived snail who craves nothing more than the eventual release from this mortal coil. Craft your own narrative, become your own heroine or a villain of your own undoing.


  • Scenario Writer: Bảo Vi

  • Art Director: An Linh

  • Promotional Artist: Hà Thương


All of the creations written by me will have romance elements of varying levels.


“ — Not even death can do us apart.”

Stories centred around romance with one or two characters, where you will be the one who leads the narrative and decides the outcome of the relationship, whether it's a happy ending or a tragedy for everyone involved.

  • Beautiful and Damned, where love transcends mortality.

  • Lovers Who Die, even long after my death, I yearn for you.

  • And The Devils Cry, dye the colours of our blood blue.


“ — Your downfall won't be your impertinence.”

More often than not, your decisions here will impact more than you and your relationships with those around. Romance is available, but it's a luxury when you have to worry about keeping your head attached.

  • Void Gaze, it's a chase, a chase, an endless chase.

  • Blackish Heart, two sides of the same coin, who will you pick?


If you have any questions or concerns, contact me
through email or directly send me a tweet.

beautiful & damned

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After a tragic assassination cut your life short, everyone believed you were gone for good. You would have, too, had you not woken to see the light again years later, aged not a day past your own death.

It was abominable, unnatural. After confronting the person who’d had a hand in your resurrection, you were met only with a cryptic answer; a vague promise of an explanation which left you with more anxiety than relief. And that person being the love of your life, Isaac, did nothing to assuage your unease.

At the back of your mind, you knew you had to accept the truth: more than two decades had passed since your death, and things had changed. Your friends and family had long moved on. What you didn’t know was whether it was for better or for worse.

“ — nothing is permanent, not even death. ”


OS: Windows 8, Windows 10.
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 processor.
Memory: 500 MB RAM.
Storage: 500 MB available space.


Character Artist: An Hoàng
Soundtrack: Myuu